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About Us

Welcome to Complete Fleet & Auto. Where your vehicle gets the family touch!

Our Origins

Complete Fleet & Auto was born from a deep-seated passion for vehicles and an unwavering commitment to exceptional service. Founded in 2011, to maintain Tracy’s burgeoning fleet of last-mile delivery vehicles, our journey from an exclusive service center to a full-fledged auto repair shop in Marne, MI culminated in December 2020. Since then, we have been proudly offering our services to both commercial fleets and the broader community of West Michigan.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality, reasonably-priced automotive and commercial fleet vehicle maintenance and repair services and to serve our customers with honestly, integrity, efficiency, and clear communication.

Why Choose Complete Fleet & Auto?

At Complete Fleet & Auto, our clients are an extension of our family. Our foundation lies in nurturing relationships that thrive on trust, honesty, and excellence. When you entrust your vehicle to us, rest assured that you’re receiving top-tier service executed with precision and timeliness.

Steadfast Leadership

The helm at Complete Fleet & Auto has always been steered by consistent leadership. Our spearhead, Paul, hails from a family deeply entrenched in the commercial delivery business. He grew up marveling at his father, Tracy, as he expanded his FedEx contracted delivery company from a lone vehicle to a staggering fleet of 85. Though Paul had carved a niche for himself with an 18-year tenure in Tool & Die, family traditions beckoned him. Joining forces with his father, Tracy, and sister, Jennifer, Paul revitalized their shared vision, establishing Complete Fleet & Auto as a paragon of their collective ideals.

Beyond the Workshop

Outside of the workshop, Paul is a fervent nature enthusiast. Be it camping, hunting, fishing, or boating, his zest for the great outdoors knows no bounds. And it isn’t just vehicles and nature that capture his heart. Paul cherishes his life with his high school sweetheart, Lisa, and their four precious children: Aubrey, Wesleigh, Preston, and Anthony.

Meet the Team

Our team is the heartbeat of Complete Fleet & Auto, ensuring a seamless experience and unmatched service every single day. Zach, our foundational mechanic, dedicated over a dozen years exclusively to our family fleet. Today, he’s more than just an invaluable asset; he’s a partner, orchestrating our daily operations. Jesse, another cornerstone, seamlessly integrated with our team after aiding Zach and has been with Complete Fleet & Auto ever since. Recognizing the growing needs of our esteemed clientele, tech Travis was inducted, soon followed by techs Tyler, Matt, and Cam, each bringing a distinctive flair to our repertoire.

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