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OEM Diagnostics & Programming


In the progressive world of automotive engineering, modern vehicles have become a symphony of electronic systems and sensors. At Complete Fleet & Auto, we navigate through this complexity with a blend of state-of-the-art technology and seasoned expertise to identify and rectify vehicular issues with utmost efficiency. Moreover, we are excited to announce our full dealer-level diagnostics and programming capabilities for all Ford and GM models, as well as the Freightliner MT45/55 Step Van!

Your Vehicle’s SOS: Demystifying the Check Engine Light

The check engine light, a common yet often misunderstood signal, essentially communicates your vehicle’s request for a meticulous health check-up. Our adept technicians decipher this request with a rigorous diagnostic process, ensuring underlying issues are not just identified but comprehensively understood and accurately resolved.

Introducing Dealer-Level Diagnostics and Programming

Harnessing the power of Ford IDS, Ford FDRS, GM GDS 2, and Freightliner Global Diagnostic Software, our enhanced service capacity ensures we conduct full dealer-level diagnostics and programming of all modules, including but not limited to ECM, PCM, and TCM programming. This technological precision enables us to pinpoint issues and address them with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring vehicles in West Michigan receive superior care and attention.

Mobile Module Programming and Diagnostics At Your Convenience

Understanding the pace of today’s world, we bring our advanced diagnostics and programming capabilities to your doorstep. We proudly offer mobile services, traveling to your location to perform module programming and diagnostic scans, ensuring our quality service is accessed at your utmost convenience.

Transparency and Education in Our Troubleshooting Journey

We believe transparency builds trust. Our diagnostic approach extends beyond mere problem detection. We engage our clients in the process, providing a lucid understanding of the identified issues and required repairs, ensuring you are always in the loop and confident in the actions taken.

Complete Fleet & Auto: Elevating the Standard for Auto Diagnostics in West Michigan

In the specialized domain of auto diagnostics, Complete Fleet & Auto signifies a beacon of excellence. We merge technological precision with experienced intuition, crafting a diagnostic service that epitomizes thoroughness and reliability. With us, your vehicle becomes more than just a machine; it becomes a responsibility that we navigate with utmost dedication and expertise.

Reliable Diagnostics Near You

The essentiality of pinpoint diagnostics and specialized programming forms the foundation for efficient repairs and robust vehicle longevity. West Michigan residents can traverse the roads with assurance, knowing that Complete Fleet & Auto stands ready, equipped, and enthusiastic to assist whenever their vehicle signals a distress.

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